Fruits and Vegetable Supplements

Fruits and Vegetable Supplements

Have you ever thought to consume the fruit and vegetable supplements? Indeed, such supplements are often chosen by those people who don’t like to consume the real fruits and vegetables. It is widely known that fruits and vegetables are full of nutrition needed by our body. The content of nutrition is probably different from one fruit or vegetable and the others. That’s why, it is more recommended to consume the fruits and vegetables alternately in our daily life. The nutrition includes, vitamin, mineral, water, and even protein and carbohydrate. Since the carbohydrate is contained in some kinds of fruit, it is reasonable if you may feel your stomach full after eating fruits like banana. This matter makes some fruits are good for diet as well. How about the supplement? Here are the similarities and differences of fruit and vegetable supplements with the real ones.

If you are able to smartly choose the supplement of fruits and vegetables to be consumed, you can find those that are actually originally made from real fruits and vegetables. They are processed and mixed each other to be a powder before being packaged in the capsules. The process can be benefits as well as the locus of the supplement itself. The fruit and vegetable supplements benefits are since only in one capsule, you may consume some kinds of fruits and vegetables at once. It means that the nutrition found by your body can just be more various. Of course, it is impossible for you to consume 10 fruits and vegetables at the same time. In other words, it is a really good alternative for your body to absorb more nutrition from more types of fruits.

On the other hand, the process of powdering, mixing, and packaging the extract of fruits and vegetables can lessen the amount of nutrition contained in the fruit and vegetable. As an example, if it is possible for you to consume a gram of vitamin C when you eat the real fruit, the amount of vitamin C can just lessen even up to 50% when it is already processed into powder. Meanwhile, it is known as well that the daily fruit and vegetable supplement must also be processed using preservative substances. Sure, consuming such a chemical substance for a long time can give you some side effects as well. It means that the consumption of supplement, whatever it is, including the supplement of fruits and vegetables must be limited as well for the sake of your own health.

So, what must we do if we really don’t like to consume the fruits and vegetables at all? The wise way is surely that you must try or learn to consume it little by little. You can make them into delicious dishes or just simply make them into juice. It is still a good idea to consume the supplement for sure. However, it is more recommended not to consume them daily. Make sure you make your own schedule when to consume the real fruits and vegetables and when to consume the supplement.

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